Top 5 Santorini Tips


1.Rent a quad or scooter

Forget about your fancy convertible car rental or trying to rely on public transport to get you around this stunning island. Renting a quad or scooter is the way forward. With its narrow streets zooming around on your scooter will be one the best things you can invest in on this island. With the reasonable price of 20 euro a day (probably cheaper if youre willing to look around) you will definitely get your moneys worth. The island is only 10 km wide so you’ll have  no trouble getting around to  seeing all the wonders of this island along with stumbling across a few hidden gems on these fun mobiles.

2.Take a Donkey ride in Fira.

You may get tired with the  endless steps and steep climbs, one way to give those weary feet a break is by taking a traditional donkey ride through the streets of Fira bringing all the way down the 588 steps down to the old Fira harbor.  With a price of 5 euro each way its worth a go.

.Image result for donkey rides in santorini greece

3.Cliff diving at Amouldi bay.

Tucked away under the caldera of Oia you make the rocky trip that leads you to a hidden gem. It can be quite awkward to find but if you follow the screams and sound of bodies hitting the water you’re on the right track. With its crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea this place is one of the best swimming spots you’ll find and one my favorites places I visited  on the island. For those adrenaline lovers you can  climb up the stairs of the massive boulder in the water and do your best dive in.

4. Dinner at Amouldi port

Not moving far from no.3 you might of worked up an appetite from all that swimming and what better place then to satisfy that hunger then a dinner at Amouldi port. I would especially recommend Diomitris Travern with its fresh fish and local wine its a must try. Try get a table for sunset and you’re guaranteed the stunning  views of the old port.

Image result for amouldi port

5.Explore Oia

Believe or not the above photo is not stolen from google I took this on my very banjaxed IPhone 5 but it is IMPOSSIBLE to take a bad photo in Oia to take the cliche saying its like something from a movie but the views are so breath taking they that don’t seem real! Once you’re finished exploring the blue and white stair ways and narrow streets grab yourself a bottle of wine hang out by the cliffs and watch the sun set!


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