Athens: The Do’s and Don’ts


Taking in the views!

First off The Do’s.

1.Climb or Cable car up  Mount Lycabettus

We decided to get the cable car up which runs every half hour to the top of Lycabettus which in hindsight we regretted as there is no open views on the way up but if you fancy not getting hot and sweaty climbing the 360 steps up this is the perfect choice! Whether you climb or cable there’s no denying the views are stunning at the top of this hill which gives you a panoramic view of Athens.The bar at the top serves amazing fredicinno and great ice cream as well. They  also serve dinner which we didn’t get to try but it did have goregous looking modern and comfortable chairs with some of the best view the city of  Athens, so I would suggest a try!

3. Visit the Parthenon

Coming to the one of the oldest cities in the world a visit up the steps to the Parthenon is a must! Tickets are quite pricey starting from 30 euro for adults but this does give you access to 7 archaeologists sites giving you access to one the greatest achievements by mankind that is the Acropolis so I still think its worth the purchase. Also all you fellow college heads out there is free access to all students of any EU university so remember to bring allow your college ID card to save yourself thirty yips! Happy days 😀

And now for the Don’ts…

Do not forget to do your research.

I’m talking about location here .Do your research! I cant emphasis this enough! This is a major mistake I made in my time in Athens. We stayed in the beautiful Radisson blue hotel in Athens rooftop  pool, on site gym , right in the center of Athens what more could you ask for right? Wrong! This stunning five star hotel was set in this run down part of the city  with the pavement black from pollution and  the litter relentless not to mention the gang of homeless people the would gather at night in the park right opposite the hotel and a lot of drug activity all this is a major turn off! Safe to say our first impression of Athens wasn’t  a great one! But after some exploring we did find some lovely streets and markets at the other side of town. I would recommend staying near the Acropolis and lymothis hill by all means steer clear of areas near the Period Areos Park!

Enjoying the roof top pool in Radisson blu park hotel.

Don’t overstay your welcome.

No I joke your welcome to stay as long as you want but I wouldn’t recommend more then a two night stay. Athens is a great gateway to the endless and varied islands of Greece and does have some of the oldest history in the world for all you cultural buffs. But more then two nights you are going to struggle to find things to fill your time, especially for a sun holiday  with no sandy in beaches in sight head to the airport or port and see what else Greece has to offer!

So there are a few of my own tips of the Do’s and Don’t when visiting Athens. Hoped you all enjoyed. 😀


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